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Download Psiphon 82 Handler

Psiphon 82 handler is a Android vpn app that has a ui embedded in it, reasons why the user interface is embedded in the psiphon handler , is because of the need to add a working proxy server that enable android phone users to browse free on there various internet service provider networks.
Psiphon 82 Handler Ui

 It also comes with five Servers that encrypt and hides your real information , helps  you bypass any restrictions imposed by government or any website online.

Features Of Psiphon 82 Handler

- The Handler ui is composed of the following functions:
 * Frontquery
 * Backquery
 * MiddleQuery
 * Filter
 * Add port to non port URL
 * Remove Port
 * Proxy Type
 * Proxy Server
 * Password
 * username
 * Custom Header
 * Real Proxy type
 * Port.etc

- The more options section has proxy settings which you can tick connect through an http to add IP address and port

- Tick Tunnel Whole device to power other apps when psiphon handler is connected.

- In the options tab you can select regions (server) like, United States, United kingdom, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, and all of them are always available without any downtime.

Download Psiphon 82 Handler  Ui

 You can download it from the link below:

 Download ➡ Psiphon 82 Handler ui.apk

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Download Psiphon 82 Handler
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