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Download Uc Mini Handler Apk

The Uc mini handler apk is just like any Android browser , it has a handler ui embedded it , dzebb was the author behind this handler browser.
 When you download it , you will see everything that I mentioned below.


The uc mini handler  does not come with JavaScript function - which you can use to load responsive pages, it can load pages and download huge files faster than any other browser,  up to 2mbps.

Main Features Of Uc mini Handler

Handler User Interface (UI): with options like proxy servers , proxy type, web user agent etc.

Speed mode: Enjoy faster and smooth web page loading .

 -Download and cloud boosting: With Uc mini handler you can download huge files faster than before with cloud boosting feature.
Ucmini handler apk download

-Night Mode: This protects you from too much strains in the eyes while surfing in the dark.

- Other features are incognito mode, check bandwidth used , customization, privacy, bookmarks.

Download Link
➡ Uc mini Handler.apk

Other Uses Of Uc mini Handler For Android

With the new handler ui , you can use it for any free browsing tweak available, for example if you have a working proxy Server like and the one for etisalat, you can insert it in the proxy server option of uc mini handler UI.

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Download Uc Mini Handler Apk
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