Rabu, 28 September 2016

Cadillac And Dinosaurs APK Full Free Download

"Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" by the Japanese company developed a CAPCOM arcade game, adapted from the 1993 American CBS served "Xenozoic Tales".
"Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" is a classic arcade game. The game has four selectable characters, it can support up to three people to play. Throw a coin can select a character, each character has two lives. The game belongs to the adventure pass through type, a total of eight off. Off the end of each level there is a Boss, he can beat the next level.
Classic style, exciting experience, come with us fight together!
* We follow-up will bring more classic arcade Guide (including Game Cheats and clearance techniques) to you, can not let the classic be forgotten, so stay tuned!

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Cadillac And Dinosaurs APK Full Free Download
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